Converting Traveller to Fudge

After running a one off Fudge adventure with some of my roleplaying group (using characters from previous adventures), I decided that the Fudge system was really good, and that I would convert my current Classic Traveller campaign to Fudge.

To do this I wrote up a conversion guide for my players, to introduce them to the Fudge rules, plus information on how to convert their characters. I did not change the setting or anything else, just the action resolution system. I also implemented a system for linking skills and attributes, which I got from a message on the Fudge mailing list, written by <psimmons[at]iinet.net.au>.

I also converted all of the weapons to Fudge Offensive Damage Factors (ODFs), by the simple expedient of using the number of dice of damage each weapon did in Traveller as the weapon's ODF. For example, a Gauss Gun does 4D damage in Traveller, and so has a Fudge ODF of 4. To convert the armour to Fudge, I simply made up ("fudged") values that seemed correct. I also used my own armour system